I don’t know if you are taken aback by the numbers of socialists in the Democratic Party but I am deeply concerned.  Americans need to carefully study Russia with its oppressive government’s extortion and corruption where they murder their political rivals, and where health care is provided by the state at a level far below what the American people would find acceptable.  Russia is still classified as a third world developing country probably because of its government!  The American people are being manipulated badly and nowhere were they manipulated more than with Obamacare, or as they like to call it, the Affordable Care Act.  We cannot, unfortunately, rely on the statistics for that program given by the Obama administration, and hence all government reports because they were deliberately manipulated or withheld to reflect more favorable enrollment figures for Obamacare.   The entire thing is an accountant’s nightmare and as far as I am able to tell, we STILL have the same number of uninsured that we had when we started, although to be fair, since you cannot rely on the government’s statistics and studies due to bias, how would we know the true numbers?    The only thing we can know for sure is we are paying a lot more, up to 25% more.

There is a simple, more rational approach to insurance reform of that cuts through a lot of red tape and resolves a great deal of partisan disagreement. 

  • First, we should expand Medicaid to cover all children until the age of 18.  Children are the hope for the future and society is right to invest in them.  A premium can be determined for children of foreign residents.
  • Next, we create a national catastrophic plan for adults that is offered in all states and territories by all insurance companies who wish to participate that has the following policy deductible and benefits:
    • all individual plans 
    • $1000, $2000 and $3000 deductible options
    • Hospital, certified surgery center and ER visits only.  Ambulance at 50%
    • One major illness per year requiring hospitalization including maternity care
    • One major hospitalization per year requiring hospitalization which would include maternity care
    • One major surgery per year requiring hospitalization or procedure in certified surgery center.
  • Possible option at a higher cost
    • All laboratory including mammograms

The basic policy should cost somewhere between $5000 to $6000 a year if the current policies like this are any indication of the rates. Employers can offer a paid deductible with the laboratory as a benefit package for their employees.  This is simple, easy to administer, therefore, requires a low overhead to administer, whereas the Obamacare  is conceived and administered by people who spoke of the American people in terms like these:   “Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really, really [sic] critical for the thing to pass…”  Jonathan Gruber, Obamacare architect.   which in turn was codified, promoted and controlled by Congress people like these:   “We have to pass the bill to find out what is in it.”  Nancy Pelosi fielding complaints that lawmakers had no time to read the proposed legislation which resulted in these kinds of decisions   (from Margolis, Matt. The Worst President in History: The Legacy of Barack Obama . Victory Books)

  • 2.4 billion in tax free, tax payer funded loans approved for the following co-ops managed by these Obama donors responsible for paying healthcare claims
    • $62 million to Maine Community Health Options; the company’s president molested teenage boys for more than three decades.
    • $65 million to Louisiana Health Cooperative; CEO Terry Shilling was sanctioned by the Securities and Exchange Commission for insider trading.
    • $112 million to CoOportunity Health; CFO Stephen Ringlee had at least three businesses fail since 2009.
    • $129 million to Florida-based Community Health Solutions of America for an Obamacare co-op in Ohio. The principal investors for this co-op had histories of failed companies, bankruptcy, and tax problems.
    • $340 million to Freelancers Insurance Company run by Sara Horowitz, a major Obama donor, and rated the worst insurance by NY regulators.
  • Only four Obamacare co-ops survived by January 2018, “costing a quarter of a million Americans their insurance and leaving the taxpayers $1.2 billion in unpaid loans.” ….The middle class took the biggest blow since the poor could get Medicaid for free and the wealthy could afford to buy private insurance but then that was the case BEFORE Obamacare. How was this disruption ever thought to fix things?  There is not even a single coherent thought in this entire legislation as far as I can tell. 

But wait.  There is more….. This is how the government administered Obamacare.

We could continue but you get the picture.  Do NOT think the government can manage what you should manage yourself.  Government has a valid purpose in our lives but making our life decisions for us in such an irresponsible way is not one of them.  Obama should have just burned that money in front of us all.  This above plan is simple, something we can manage ourselves, requires minimum to no government involvement beyond the initial regulations allowing all insurances to offer this plan across state lines.  

 “It is amazing that people who think we cannot afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, and medication somehow think that we can afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, medication and a government bureaucracy to administer it.”

― Thomas Sowell, Knowledge And Decisions

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