3D Rendering of red Coronavirus virus particle


Years ago I took relatives to a State Park and drank contaminated water that made me sick as a dog.  As treatment I was given a shot of immunoglobulin to boost my immune system in the event there was God knows what in the water.  I honestly tried not to think about it.  
With our health care providers in harm’s way for this corona virus under work conditions that may lower their resistance, is there not value in giving our care givers a shot of immunoglobulin to assist their immune system’s defenses in the face to face care they give under the most difficult of circumstances?  There is precedent for such preventative protocols as immunoglobulin is already used to reduce the effects of hepatitis A, measles, chicken pox and rubella.  
Our front line care givers need to be supported in every way possible.  This truly would be an investment in their well being as they do what they are trained to do.  Tell any and all people on the front line you know about this post and have them talk to their physician about receiving this shot.  The contraindications are minimal for healthy people but can be found here.  THIS IS NOT A CURE but is a way to boost the body’s resistance to ALL disease of which, COVID-19 is one.  
Stay safe everyone, and thank you medical professionals out there who are making the world better for those of us who need you in this time of crisis.  

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