Benghazi has one more lesson among the many for us to learn about the way our State Department handles the diplomacy in countries that are hostile to the United States, or are in such a state of unrest that the safety of the Embassy Staff is in question.   The time has come for a multination embassy on an island such as Cyprus or Dubai that is close to the countries served.  This guarantees the safety of the Ambassador and his staff and allows him some semblance of normal family life.  There can be a military presence in the current embassy to assist any Americans in that country which would likely be far more helpful in times of duress.

The risks to our State Department are too great in a world with ISIS and other radicals, and until such time as we can have reasonable expectations that the host country is capable of delivering a safe zone for our embassy staff, we need to be proactive and take precautions now.  What happened to Chris Stevens and embassy staff in Libya should never, ever happen again.

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