I repeat… that all power is a trust; that we are accountable for its exercise…
Benjamin Disraeli


IF you, like me
*are sick of what you see in Washington DC in BOTH parties, and feel your voice is not heard in clamor of special interests with their marches, riots and attempts to control the message at the expense of the facts,
*feel you are sending tax dollars to Washington for programs and causes that have no basis in fact and are little more than open bribery or graft for cronies and relatives to feed at the public trough of tax dollars without consequence,
*find the tax dollars for illegals hypocritical in the face of their total lack of concern for the American children living in what is essentially a war zone in parts of this country, veterans going without medical care, and the homeless American citizens inundating our cities, not to mention the struggle citizens have in paying those taxes,
*define the political obstruction by unelected federal bureaucrats in their workplace as a breach of trust with the American people and should be grounds for immediate dismissal,
*find the targeting of US citizens for criminal charges by federal employees for political reasons a reason for instant dismissal and criminal charges. 
*see the refusal of unelected civil servants to accept a duly elected President and his appointees as a breach of faith with their oath of office and a treasonous offense
*find the rewriting of history to hide the betrayals of elected officials more than a treasonous offence because it means that history will repeat itself unless we REMEMBER THE TRUTH OF IT!
Then send one or more of  these posts to your representatives as a way to say you have had ENOUGH of this nonsense in Congress and the White House. Demand they put YOU first every day they are in Washington DC.
Tell them they are to represent all of their constituents, not just the ones who can afford to make a campaign contribution or profess to be a member of their political party.  Tell them they are not above the law just because they are elected to public office.   
Tell them you have had enough of this dysfunctional government and will remember it all in this next election.
Be certain that he who has betrayed thee once will betray thee again.” – 
Johann Caspar Lavater

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