Full disclosure:  this is not true YET!  There is one road to that reality we see: 
China is waiting to see the results of the election before moving any further.  President Trump can put China on notice that is not going to work by sending a bill to the Senate with the request that the impeachment trial not impede business as usual.  This is that bill:
Each company experiencing a loss of business due to US tariffs on Chinese goods because other suppliers were not available at the time are to be given a tax credit calculated as follows:
The total dollar amount of tariffs paid in the prior year is to be subtracted from the current tax year and  a graduated scale of that amount up to a final limit of 100% of the current years tariffs
This piece of legislation will sunset in two years after its passing so that American businesses can find alternate suppliers OR China reduces all tariffs between our respective nations.
Suggested scale
*50% of tariffs paid in current tax year   at full amount
*50% to 75% of tariffs paid in current      tax year at 75%
*75% to 100% of tariffs paid in current   tax year at 50%
If President Trump were to put this on the floor of the Senate, China will recognize this game of holding out will not benefit them now.  

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