There are many lessons one can learn around why the caravan of immigrants move north at this time and we will dissect and investigate them all for years.  One of the issues we must investigate carefully, however, is what happened to make these immigrants leave their country in such numbers?  Why are the gangs so powerful; where are the police and military forces that should be at work to protect their people?  Whatever the answers, it did not happen overnight.

This caravan was destined to happen when people chose not to address that first moment their government failed to follow the rule of law. This lack of an alert, responsible citizenry cost everyone their home, often members of their family, their friends, their ability to earn a living and finally their country.  Their country now is run by often corrupt governments (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua), and drug cartels who force citizens to join their gang or work for them as mules or prostitutes. The rival gangs who avoided murder in the war for dominance are now refugees and are likely a part of the caravan coming north.

The lesson we need to RE-learn and quickly is this: Rule of law matters.   We have a host of misguided sanctuary cities and states who are undermining the rule of law as we speak.  There is not a single law abiding person in this country illegally that cannot apply for legal residence on some level. There are health and safety reasons for having that application process (see post of The Face of Illegal Immigration ) that serve the applicant as well as the country.  If sanctuary status is too free with benefits, then lower the immigration fees and raise the quotas.  We need law abiding, productive immigrants for this country,  and its economy to provide the promised social benefits for everyone.

We citizens demand our government keep us and our loved ones safe.  Part of that responsibility involves knowing who comes into this country and what they bring with them.  We need and want LEGAL immigrants to come to this country and become a part of the American Dream.  But gangs are not going to add to that dream, and we know the gangs are here. (If you don’t believe me, go hereAre we really going to give them sanctuary and expect a different outcome? (Go here to see the outcome.)  Surely not!

I firmly believe in the rule of law as the foundation for all of our basic rights.

Sonia Sotomayor

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