We have to really educate ourselves…

about who we are, what our real identity is.
Deepak Chopra

The ability to vote in this country is both a right and a privilege that we earn in this country with our lives and labor.  Our labor is in the form of taxes, and we dedicate our lives in service from military service to the volunteer Girl Scout leader in her community.  This right and privilege to vote is the very foundation of the American Dream and we need to be careful how we govern that right.  The right to vote is awarded to those who make the pledge to this country to defend and uphold the very ideals for which it stands, not the least of which is respecting the rule of law.  

Voting Rights are NOT to be taken without permission, treated with disrespect OR bartered for votes, and it is illegal for people to vote who are not citizens.  If you as a non-citizen wish to become a citizen and are found to be voting illegally, that can interfere with immigration and citizenship status.  Furthermore, according  to 18 U.S.C. § 911, knowing and willful false assertions of United States citizenship in order to vote are punishable by up to three years in prison. In a post by JustFacts.com, we find There is material evidence of substantial vote fraud… This evidence is documented in a 2014 paper published by the journal Electoral Studies. Based on survey data and election records, the authors of this paper found that the number of non-citizens who voted illegally in the 2008 election ranged “from just over 38,000 at the very minimum to nearly 2.8 million at the maximum.”

Their “best estimate” is that 1.2 million or “6.4% of non-citizens actually voted.”  The post continues to show how this information is manipulated by others to negate the evidence in the study due to a perceived advantage in allowing vote fraud to continue. Another source (fairus.org) tells us how local elections in addition to the federal elections are affected by the illegal alien vote. ‘For example, in East Chicago, Indiana, a city with 30,000 residents, voting fraud was so systemic in 2003 that the State Supreme Court ordered a new election with heightened verification. When unlawful voters were prohibited from casting a ballot the outcome of the election changed.’

We need to treat this privilege to vote with a great deal more respect than having volunteers running about looking for anyone, citizen or not, who will vote for their candidate and signing them up.  Any current identification we have other than notarized birth certificates, have a great deal of fraud associated with it such as our driver’s license and social security identification system with some cities and states totally irresponsible in the handling of these licenses and benefits. (fairus.org

As a result there are so many problems in our government around the ability to manipulate identification and the benefits attached to them to the tune of billions of dollars going to the unqualified and/or unintended, that it is time to have a bar coded national identification system that is used to identify an individual in voting, in paying taxes, in registering in school, the library, the military and proving your identity in the event of identity theft, credit card fraud and last but not least, express TSA clearance at airports.  It is not ‘big brother’ so much as making sure you get the benefits you are entitled to claim in the future from the government you create with your vote, your service and your tax dollars and they are NOT given to a person who has stolen your identity or your benefits.  Why is it not Big Brother? You know and control when it is used.  

In contrast to our current system, “In order to vote in Mexico, all Mexican citizens must have registered before the election and have obtained a voter’s ID that includes one’s photograph, name, address, fingerprint and age.” (oiss.rice.edu)  “The vast majority of countries require voter ID — usually photo ID — to prevent fraud and duplicate votes at the polls.”  (NationalReview.com) I submit the ‘disadvantaged’ who are represented as harmed by such a policy would be the first to say that in the right to vote, this kind of system proves them equal to every American citizen, even to George Soros.

We should have an expanded driver’s license serve as our national identity card AND voter registration AND tax identifier with photo ID and finger print and require it be kept on our person at all times after the age of 18. 

According to Wikipedia.org, as of 2016, half of the countries in Africa and Latin America use biometrics for voting registration or voting authentication in elections.[49] According to the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance’s ICTs in Elections Database,[50] 35 % of over 130 surveyed electoral commissions is capturing biometric data (such as fingerprints and/or photos) as part of their voter registration process.[51]   If some members of Congress feels the immigrant vote is advantageous, then they need to produce a bill that expands the immigration quotas and give more of them a legal path to citizenship.  The backlog at the immigration court as of 19 September 2019 was over one million cases.

What Congress has yet to grasp is that the American people are deeply offended by this lack of honor and respect shown to the issue of citizenship and the voting rights that are accorded to it.  It trivializes the sacrifice of the blood and treasure citizens make every day to keep this country free.  To be this irresponsible about our fundamental right to vote that we expect our men and women to fight and die for every day is beyond shameful.  We need to be adults and own that and then FIX IT!

“The value of identity of course is so often with it comes purpose.”

Richard Grant

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