After 2018 election, each party oriented their newly elected candidates regarding impeachment, appointments of judges, special counsel investigations, abortion and the rest of their party seminal issues. Important or not, the critical issue is how responsive these representatives are to their constituents…. all their constituents, even the ones who did not vote for them. 

When a member of the House is elected with a party affiliation, who does he/she represent from the district?  Does she represent only those people who belong to the same party or does she represent everyone from her district with equal determination?  Do you need a check in your hand to gain her attention, no matter your affiliation?  When, with checks for big money in his hand, an outside industry’s lobbyist‘s needs conflict with what is needed by the member‘s constituents, who wins?  If we look into the background of many votes, I am not convinced we will like what we find.

I respectfully submit that party loyalty is not the main purpose for the candidate’s election, and the lobbyists is to be heard, but the representative is not to be bought, contribution or not. The primary job of these newly elected candidates is to represent ALL their constituents, and this includes those people who do not agree with their party.  This is why so many people feel unheard in the halls of government.  If they do not belong to the right party and do not have a check in their hand, they have no voice.

Taxation without representation is tyrany
James Otis

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