Einstein tells us that time is relative and from there we have learned that there are many different kinds of time, from conventional ‘proper’ time to space time and beyond.  There are even theories about folding time and going back or forward in time, multiple times, opposite times.  There are so many theories on the nature of time that even God would find it confusing. The nature of time is even a national debate regarding the 7 day creation story in the Bible creating division and censorship where there should be none.

If one looks at the science of anything carefully, the Hand of God is obvious. A single degree here or a single molecule there ….. a single electron here or one less revolution there, and it would all be dead space. A birth and a new life that ages and dies only to be reborn in a new ‘time.’  All of it is done in different measures of time but totally within God’s time.

If the Bible was dictated by God, then He spoke in and of God’s time which is beyond the minds of mere mortals.  God is better served if we study the miracles in His Universe, respect the planet He put in our care and learn to be more ethical and moral creatures than argue over how to measure the ‘days.’  

The closest I ever felt to God was  looking back in time in photos from the Hubble Space Telescope….that is when you feel the true nature of God’s Time.   We need to educate our children in the science of what we know and can explain, and allow God to explain the rest.

Time is an illusion.”
Albert Einstein

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