Why do we not have ONLINE VOTING in the White House? With today’s technology, it is possible to give that kind of immediacy to the American people who at present are alienated on both sides of the political spectrum. For example, when a Democrat from California is elected to the House of Representatives, who is it they represent?  The representative will tell you he/she represents the people of California.   However, there are people in California who do not belong to the Democratic Party and do not agree with much of the Democratic response to the issues of the day.  How are they represented by a person from an opposing party?  I have not seen a great deal of evidence their concerns are addressed, and God forbid they try to get a specific issue addressed that might be clearly unfair but is opposed by a Democratic Party supporter who writes big checks for campaigns. We see this sort of friction where the issue goes against what is clearly the right thing to do all the time in both parties.
If you read Peter Schweizer’s  book  Extortion:  How Politicians Extract Your  Money,  Buy Votes, and  Line Their Own Pockets,  it becomes all too clear that not only do you have to buy your freedom to work or operate but you are required to do it over and over again.    We pay our tax dollars to our government for the purposes of keeping the country safe and well maintained, and Washington politicians of both parties enrich themselves AND their family members instead not only betraying our trust but betraying our country as well.
We see it, allow it without protest and  vote for that same person in the next election.  What does that say about us, our ethics and what we expect from our government officials in the way of ethical standards?  What does the elected official think if he/she is never called to account for the lack of ethical behavior?
Another example, one of the primary flaws in our system of government lies in the lack of representation a citizen feels in the committee process when the committee chair and members do not come from his/her state.  A citizen will have a difficult time getting his or her opinion through to that committee without a huge check attached and that distorts the will of the people as well as the truth of the issue.
If money buys the truth, why even bother to have the pretense of a vote? Just open it up to the highest bidder.   Our government has become a constant re-election campaign drive where access is given to those who contribute campaign funds.  The actual management of government where you cut costs rather than throw money at a problem is rarely addressed.
The American people want more immediate impact on the government  with respect to the issues of the day.  The opportunities to vote  for the House, Senate or White House every two or four years does not give timely representation to the people in today’s world.  In fact, our national elections say nothing about how the voter feels about a specific regulation UNLESS that person made it clear that they voted on that issue alone.  It could be the one issue voter feels Election Day is the only opportunity to express his/her opinion and be heard.   We need an opportunity for the people in this country to be heard on many issues of the day, and the President needs to provide it. He should determine the will of the people on legislation he receives as well as submit legislation for issues on which he solicits opinions from US citizens. This could easily be done via a White House Online Voting process.
There can be a secure way to set this up with proof of citizenship such as a driver’s license with a unique id number and a two way sign in service where they have to verify who they are on the phone or email they use.  This is easily done today and considered very secure if using a Captcha as well.  The registration can be done at the State level in DMVs, libraries or other state or federal offices.
The issues can be presented as an outline of factual data with no opinion for voter edification with a PRO side and a CON side, or a THIS IS WHAT WE KNOW TODAY list, then asking for their vote.  It would be wise to ask WHY they voted the way they did.  There are algorithms to analyze this kind of text data and it will, I suspect, provide unique insight for all concerned.   The traffic could be kept to acceptable levels by asking people from specific states to vote at different times/days.
It is time we recognized that the American people need  a bigger voice in this government, and the people we elect need to own that what they do in fund raising is simply illegal and ethically indefensible on any level….Extortion is not fund raising.    The President can provide the people with immediate access to the political process and introduce some actual governing into the proceedings with the White House Voting Line since ’the buck stops there.’

…Our political leaders will know our priorities only if we tell them, again and again, and if those priorities begin to show up in the polls.”
― Peggy Noonan, Patriotic Grace: What It Is and Why We Need It Now

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